Alex D3-W-1

Brushless Smart Oiling Trousers Thread Trimming Machine

Vortex suction motor
Energy saving, static electricity, with ground wire design safety guarantee.

The whole machine has no carbon brush
No need to replace carbon brush consumables, with longer service life, energy and power saving, and lower noise.

The suction and cutting functions are integrated and the thread is cut clean
Different fabrics have proper cutting heads, and special protective nets, will not damage products, cut thread clean, and have no thread sticking on the products.

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Product Features

Low failure rate
Longer life and more cost-effective
There is no need to replace the carbon brush frequently
Integrated automatic oil supply and delivery function
The knife set switch controls the start and stop of the suction motor

Product Specifications

Model: D3-W-1
Voltage: 110V/ 220V
Power: 370W – 750W
Speed: 2800RPM
Frequency: 50HZ – 60HZ
Power Consumption: 0.37KW/H